Let's Do This

“Let’s do this” is your platform to be a part Kanchayudha and what is about to come next! Shoutout your ideas and problems you encountered while playing Kanchayudha in the following space. We would love to hear from you and add your valuable thoughts to action in the future. So let’s do this and take Kanchayudha to the international arena!!

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Tel Us Your Idea

Report Issues

Let us know the problematic areas of the game which you have encountered so far. You can write to us or even upload a screenshot of the respective scenario


Here are a few answers to the most common questions

How to get Full Screen

Full Screen is set to be applied automatically. If it did not work, press Alt + Enter(Return) Keys in the main menu or in the game.

Payment issues

Please send us an email to hello@kanchayudha.com and kanchayudha@gmail.com and notify us through a message. We will get to you as fast as possible.

How to run the game with a higher FPS?

Please change the settings as following in the main menu, and do not forget to click apply before you proceed

  • Resolution -> Medium or less
  • Shadow -> Low
  • Foliage -> High
  • Other settings -> Medium or below

Errors when extracting

You may have downloaded the parts partially. Please download all the parts correctly. You can download using the torrent file given by us to get a seamless download of the whole game